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Palomar Mountain - San Diego, California - Date TBD

Join me at the top of Palomar Mountain in San Diego, California for all-inclusive  Nature Retreat - including meditation, yoga, somatic and embodiment practices, dancing/music, nourishing food, nature, connection, rest, restoration and deep healing.


4-night stay in a luxury yurt nestled in the trees. Each yurt has a fireplace, heating, bathroom and kitchen. Each yurt accommodates 2-4 guests.

See Images of Accommodations and Pricing below


We will explore and embody the elements of nature (fire, earth, water, air and ether) in our movement practices, journaling and creative experiences. We'll also explore embodying our animal nature through breath, movement and sound inquiry in order to connect with our deep primal instincts and intuition. We are not solely a part of nature - we are nature, nature is us.

This retreat will be an experience of coming home to our empowered, embodied, resourceful, creative, joyful and intuitive selves.

Mother Earth is medicine and a reminder of our true nature.

We Will...

Ground. Engage. Move. Breathe, Explore. Contract. Expand. Receive. Release. Restore


Receive the nurturing and healing gift of sound by experiencing sound baths, acoustic movement and song accompanying the yoga and movement experiences shared by Marlo (Music Therapist, Musician, facilitator of The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery, Grief Guide). To receive her magic is a blessing.


Yoga, Meditation and Embodiment Practices with Somatic Enquiry, Journaling, Healing Music/Voice & Sound. Creative Experiences (Integrating Nature), Hiking, Paddle-Boarding and Kayaking on the Lake

Archery - We'll also explore our inner strength, focus and expression of healthy aggression through Archery.


Palomar Mountain - San Diego, CA

Address and Location Details will be provided upon registration.


No yoga or meditation experience necessary for this retreat. ALL BODIES and levels of experience welcomed and honored. The yoga and meditation sessions will have an emphasis on embodying the elements of nature and re-connecting to our essential self through breath, movement and somatic enquiry. Receiving what is needing to be received and letting go of what no longer needs to be carried.


The meals will be vegetarian, healthy and nourishing (gluten free and vegan options upon request). Some meals will be prepared  together in community with one another.

Tentative Schedule 

Day 1 - Arrive Late Afternoon. Settle in. Welcoming Ceremony/Meditation. Light Dinner. Rest

Day 2 - Light Breakfast. Morning Invigorating Practice. Rest/Restore/Explore. Creative Experience. Lunch. Rest/Restore/Explore. Early Evening Restorative Practice. Journal/Reflect. Dinner. Campfire Chats. Sleep

Day 3 - Light Breakfast. Morning Invigorating Practice. Rest/Restore/Explore. Creative Experience. Lunch. Rest/Restore/Explore. Early Evening Restorative Practice. Journal/Reflect. Dinner. Campfire Chats. Sleep

DAY 4 -  Light Breakfast. Morning Invigorating Practice. Rest/Restore/Explore. Creative Experience. Lunch. Rest/Restore/Explore. Early Evening Restorative Practice. Journal/Reflect. Dinner. Closing Ceremony/Dance. Sleep

Day 5 - Light Breakfast.  Morning Check Out - Goodbyes



$1250 - 8 available


$1150- 2 available


$1100 - 2 available

$500 Non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space.

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Do not despair.

For you are a reflection of me and all that I embody. 

Your tears are the rivers that flow with fluidity and grace. Do not hold them back, for they are the path to the lakes and oceans.

Your bones hold the strength and fortitude to move mountains and carve away rock. In your persistence you hold the power to effect change.

Your tissues carry the wisdom of your ancestors and their resiliency and legacy moves through you. 

Your heart holds the beauty and freedom of wildflowers, sprouting from the earth each spring, even after the adversity & devastation of the cold and unforgiving months. 

Your breath is the wind that carries seeds to far off lands, offering new life and ensuring survival and growth. 

Your skin is the bark of a tree, protecting yourself and others from harm and offering tender touch that can heal even the deepest scars.

Your nerves, the roots that ground you and your spirit that allows you to fly. 

When you begin to forget.

Come sit with me on the green grass and place your hands on the damp earth. 

Pick wildflowers and set them in a vase for your eyes to gaze upon. 

Observe nature’s creatures, for they have much to teach us.

Listen to the voices of the wind.

Stand atop a mountain and look up at the vast sky.

And remember.

You were born from my womb.

You are made of stars.

Let me hold you in my embrace and know that you will be ok.

And as the day turns to night I will sing you a lullaby with the sounds of night owls wooing their babies to sleep and coyotes howling at the moon.

Do not despair.

For you embody all of me.

And tomorrow brings a new day. 

~ Shawnee Thornton Hardy

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"May you find the strength in your breath to speak the words your younger parts were too afraid to speak."

I grew up in the mountains of Montana in a tiny round house, with no electricity or running water. I endured many challenges as a child and teen, which contributed to my experience of anxiety, autoimmune issues and disconnection from myself. I came to yoga as a means to address debilitating back pain, a diagnosis of Hashimoto's and to manage the intense stress of life's struggles and transitions. I cried the entire way through my first yoga class and felt such a cathartic release of grief and sadness that I was drawn to learn more about this ancient practice. Yoga helped me reconnect to my body, manage my lifelong anxiety and set me on a path towards healing. It helped me heal from chronic back pain and through my physical practice, meditation and proper nutrition, I was able to thrive even with a thyroid condition and fibromyalgia diagnosis. My adult traumas coupled with developmental trauma drew me to Somatic Experiencing, developed by Peter Levine. I am forever grateful for the impact SE has had in my life. As I navigated recovering from a near death car accident, a traumatic loss of a loved one and a cancer diagnosis, I was learning in real time about my nervous system and how to recover from childhood and recent trauma. Healing is not linear. I will forever be dedicated to my own process of health and restoration. My passion and Dharma is in supporting others in reconnecting to their bodies and having agency in their own healing journey. The greatest lesson I learned on my own path towards healing is that we can't do it alone. It is my honor to be able to walk alongside others and bear witness to their healing journeys.

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