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Fleeting Moments

We clutch those we love in our hands

for fear if we hold them too lightly

we might drop them and they may break

And if we love them too strongly

our fragile hearts will shatter to pieces

should they go away

So we move forward in fear of loving

in fear of losing

Until our hearts know not

how to be present

in moments of Love

in moments of Life

We hold our breath

as to prepare ourselves for what’s to come

And we forget the feeling

of the exhalation

that comes

with the sight of golden hues

When the sun sets upon the mountains

Or when the sun rises

and casts its glistening warmth upon us

Instead we hide in the shadows

The darkness

As not to bear the feeling

of the sun fading away to black

We grip this precious life in our hands

knowing it is fleeting

Until our fingers turn numb

and we know not how to feel at all

May we begin to loosen our grip

May we hold the ones we love softly

with tenderness and faith

That love never dies

and life never leaves

That they live on and remain

In the spaces between

the sorrow

In a tender kiss

A warm embrace

The smell of dew

The scent of a new day

These moments of love

These moments of life

Forever fleeting

But always remaining

~Shawnee Thornton Hardy

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