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Love Sorrow

Love sorrow

Lay its head in your lap and kiss it good night

Place its hand in yours and remind it of its importance

Feel its weight in your bones and remember its worth

Let it take up space in your heart but also make room for joy

Hold them both with tenderness and grace

Keep them close but give them room to move about

Listen to their stories of laughter and grief

Feel them both so there is not one left thinking they don’t belong

Allow yourself to dance between them

Amidst the tears that sorrow brings and the warmth in your heart that joy gifts to you

Let them both trickle down upon you Like the feeling of warm rain on a summer day

Love them both equally

For without sorrow we would not know joy

And without joy we would not know our capacity to touch our spirit free of pain

When you tuck them into bed whisper your words softly to them and take care not to judge them

For they can be fragile and may want to hide away lest they don’t feel seen

Wrap your arms around each of them and thank them for what they bring

Love sorrow and also joy

~ Shawnee Thornton Hardy

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